Welcome to the second iteration of my blog 'Whats Next'.

To kick things off, here are some of the things we achieved last/this month.

  • El Sergio showed us his new Empire Z wiki. It is currently quite bare-bones, but hopefully in coming months he gets around to really filling it up. Having two wikis now means that if one does not have the information required, you can check out the other.
  • James' Wolf created a new resource for players to look into, which can be found here. This is a very interesting resource, and you should have a look into it.
  • I am officially unveiling plans for the wiki, in regards to backgrounds, headers, and other little aesthetic changes. Firstly, I am planning on creating a background of all the hero's you can choose, which will most likely be a continuous image. (Think similar to the Game of Thrones wiki background). Secondly, I am working on getting the header looking right, and you can see it now on any page you visit. I envision it to work well with other elements (wordmark, nav bar etc). Thirdly, I am working on a new wordmark (appears in the upper left of your screen, which currently says Empire Z Database).
  • Hopefully, the Infected Leaders table will be fully implemented in the coming month, and will be much easier to look at.

Thank you for all your contributions, and good luck for the future. Stay tuned for next month's blog!

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