To bring in the new financial year, Ember has released a brand new update. The update includes: Gain more Power with DNA!

  • Turn excess infected leaders into DNA
  • Steal DNA from enemy cities

Level up Infected Leaders

  • Use DNA is enhance infected leaders
  • Most infected leaders can now reach level 10
  • Most level 10 infected leaders will never expire

New Casino Mini-games

  • Choose your own create and win big!
  • Win infected leaders at the Genetics lab

New Mission System

  • Help your citizens by completing tasks
  • Even more rewards

New and Improved Tech Tree

  • Features 35 new technologies
  • Including tech to improve infected, defenses, trade speed, and more!

Spend Hero SKill Points With Ease

  • Max out a skill with the press of a button
  • Click on a skill to unlock it and its prerequisites
  • Added a button to collect all alliance gifts We are working now to include all new updates and additions on to the wikia, so if you find something which is out of date, or needs adding to, feel free to comment on the page.
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