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    Welcome to the second iteration of my blog 'Whats Next'.

    To kick things off, here are some of the things we achieved last/this month.

    • El Sergio showed us his new Empire Z wiki. It is currently quite bare-bones, but hopefully in coming months he gets around to really filling it up. Having two wikis now means that if one does not have the information required, you can check out the other.
    • James' Wolf created a new resource for players to look into, which can be found here. This is a very interesting resource, and you should have a look into it.
    • I am officially unveiling plans for the wiki, in regards to backgrounds, headers, and other little aesthetic changes. Firstly, I am planning on creating a background of all the hero's you can choose, whi…
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    Whats Next

    July 14, 2015 by Lord Virane

    Hi there. So this is something I want to start doing every month or so, which will help any prospect editors to know where exactly to focus their efforts, and will also recap on what has happened.

    So to start off the recap,

    • My adoption request was successful, and I now can go ahead and bring the wiki back to life, and make the place all-round more lively and fresher.
    • I will be implementing new achievements into the wiki. Right now, the achievements are inactive, and will remain so for about a week or so until the proper customisation is complete to really give it a nice customised feel.

    Looking ahead,

    • I will be targeting uncategorized pages (here). I want to not only cut this list down (60!), I also will be focusing on ensuring categories adde…
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    To bring in the new financial year, Ember has released a brand new update. The update includes: Gain more Power with DNA!

    • Turn excess infected leaders into DNA
    • Steal DNA from enemy cities

    Level up Infected Leaders

    • Use DNA is enhance infected leaders
    • Most infected leaders can now reach level 10
    • Most level 10 infected leaders will never expire

    New Casino Mini-games

    • Choose your own create and win big!
    • Win infected leaders at the Genetics lab

    New Mission System

    • Help your citizens by completing tasks
    • Even more rewards

    New and Improved Tech Tree

    • Features 35 new technologies
    • Including tech to improve infected, defenses, trade speed, and more!

    Spend Hero SKill Points With Ease

    • Max out a skill with the press of a button
    • Click on a skill to unlock it and its prerequ…
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