Hyper farming in Empire: Z is the act of specializing your hero skill tree and the layout of your resource collectors to maximize production of one specific resource.

How to Start

If you are a new player and you wish to hyper farm in Empire: Z it is quite easy. All you have to do is: 1. Tap on the empty plots outside of your wall. 2. Select a resource building. 3. Build that resource on all but three plots outside your wall.

It is recommended that you leave 3 plots open for the other resources so that you can still progress your upgrading due to the fact that some building upgrades require a specific level resource building.

If you already have a combination of resource collectors you can simply demolish them instantly with gold or a wrecking ball or you can wait the allotted amount of time for the demolition to complete.


It is recommended that you do not choose food as your resource to hyper farm. This is because food is the easiest resource to get and at higher levels you will have more food than you can use. Also since troops have upkeep your food levels will remain at zero more often than not as you progress through the game.

Usually when hyper farming you will make more of the resource you chose than you can use so we recommend trading resources with alliance members so you can always have an ample supply of resources.

Take advantage of VIP time as it gives you an instant construction speed up that varies with your VIP level.

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