In Empire Z your city will have a hero. Your hero can be leveled up by sending him on daily missions, researching upgrades and constructing buildings. Leveling up a hero gives them skill points to spend in their skill tree.

A second hero is obtainable through the construction of a second city.

There are currently eight hero portraits to choose from (four in first city and four in second city), none of which have special abilities or boosts over the others. It is possible to change ones portrait with a special item, one of which is given to every player at the start of the game. More can be bought for gold or through the Alliance Store with alliance points.

Missions Edit

A hero can obtain experience points (xp) through the completion of daily and alliance missions. The xp gained varies between the level of the mission completed.

The mission levels and xp gained are as follows:

  • Easy- 1,400 xp
  • Risky- 5,600 xp
  • Dangerous- 21,000 xp
  • Treacherous- 70,000 xp
  • Brutal-

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