Dirty Devils
Ranking (top 3)
Some attributes
First King D@ng (22 million)
Second BIG PRICK (18 million)
Third Beastie (10 million)
Other attributes

The Dirty Devils are an alliance ran by King D@ng. Allies consist of N Woodbury [NFML] , House of Steel [*HS], €uro Warriors [EW], Equilibrium [EQM], Return to Castle W- [RC*W]. N.A.P.s (Non allied participants) are [ASR], [ASR2], [ITA], [OTD], [BHG], [D@A]. The lieutenants are BIG PRICK, Beastie, Queen Bee, TheNothing, Optimus Prime, and Hooch.

The writer for this clan page will also note that he has hit 1 million power.

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