Infected Leaders are boss zombies if you like and these can only be obtained by attacking Infected city's (only one leader spawns in every city, so I've heard) purchasing Infected leader containers, or you can obtain them in the Casino.

Since there ain't anywhere that tells, or even has pictures of the Infected leaders. I shall tell you the names of the Leaders I know.



City Boosts: +20% Infantry Defense +20% Vehicle Defense

March Boosts: +20% Vehicle Attack +20% Infantry Attack

Duration: 30 Minutes

Lost one


Undead vulture

Betty (nurse)




The Captain

Razor II

Biohazard I

City Boosts: +25 Infected Defense

March Boosts: +20% Infected Defense +20% Infected Attack

Duration: 30minutes


Surgeon Deathwing or darkwing (infected crow)


Tyrant II :+40% Gather Speed, +30% Troop Attack

Gorbo the Destroyer II : +200% Infected Attack

Undying I : +30% Infected Attack

Blue Steel V

City Boosts: +10,000 Troop Training Limit and +50% Training Speed

March Boost: +150% Marching Speed and + 200% Vehicle Attack

That's all I know and have so far, once I find out about more leaders, I'll update this topic :)

also feel free to add to the list and the Infected leader's stats :)

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